Mapping Migration Service

Switch to a new mapping solution provider with a seamless migration service

Rising licensing costs or powerful new geospatial capabilities are often reasons for developers and ISVs to move to a new mapping solution provider. But what if you are unsure how to migrate your application and concerned about business continuity? Our years of experience in the mapping space shows us you are not alone. With the growing importance of location-enabled applications, we now offer a bespoke migration service to help you innovate, build, and scale on the platform of your choice. 

How our Bespoke Mapping Migration service works:

We will review your requirements and discuss the most efficient way forward. We’ll work with you on your development times because we understand each application is unique.

Scoping: Our certified engineers will take inventory of SDKs and services that your application uses and verify your new mapping provider has alternative SDKs and services in order for us to go ahead with the migration. We will also provide a health check and future proof consultancy.

Set up: We’ll fully set up a bespoke Azure dev test environment for PoC.

New account and keys: Our mapping licensing team will license and provision your new account.

Migrate: We’ll migrate your application code.

Test: We will test and re-test  your migrated application.

Deploy: We will deploy your migrated application to production.

Knowledge share: Training will be offered (if required), and a thorough documentation handover will take place.

*Migrations can be delivered on-site. Out of pocket expenses will be re-charged.

And just so you know…

  • We’ll fully set up your Azure dev test environment. All customisations will be documented and discussed so you know exactly how things work.
  • A code-freeze is put in place on your live environment and the code base is moved to Azure.
  • Everything is re-tested when in live and our Engineers will handle any immediate issues to ensure you are fully operational.
  • Our team will be on-hand to remedy any issues resulting from the migration.


Take advantage of your migration with these recommended add-ons. They’re all delivered by our Cloud Solution Engineers.


Azure Resource Management

Our Azure Resource Management service gives you pro-active monitoring, assessment, and the appropriate interventions across all your Azure resources. All mapping migration customers are eligible for a 20% discount on our Business Plus or Enterprise level Azure Resource Management service when agreed at the same time as the migration. Learn More.


Develop Forwards

Periodic bespoke health check service, licensing and product review. We’ll identify the resources you’re using and make recommendations based upon best practice and the mapping provider roadmap to help you develop your product quicker and focus your business objectives.