Email Signature Management


We helped Bridges Fund Management to deliver dynamic email signatures across devices and groups

Bridges Fund Management Ltd (Bridges), specialises in investments that help to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Launched in 2002, it was the first fund manager in the UK to focus on achieving positive social and environmental impact alongside market-rate financial returns. Since then, it has raised over £1bn for investments of this type across its platform of fund strategies.


Bridges was looking for a way to apply dynamic email signatures to Outlook emails sent from different devices and employees. This was so it could tailor its communications to different audiences (and in some cases reflect the different brands) associated with different strategies across the group.


We were contracted by Software Reseller and Cloud Solution Provider, Grey Matter, to carry out the project. Having already deployed CodeTwo as a solution for Grey Matter, our first point of call was to demonstrate this scenario to Bridges, highlighting a real-world example of how CodeTwo can be implemented and used as part of an effective communication strategy.

After having discussed the best way to deploy it for their business, Bridges found the most challenging part of the project strategising the ‘look and feel’ of the signatures as well as the data that should be included for internal and external audiences.

The technical deployment and licensing of the software went smoothly.


The deployment of the CodeTwo and has dramatically changed the quality and consistency of Bridges’ signatures across the group. They have recommended this software (and Cloud Know How as a deployment partner) to two other companies, who have had a similarly positive experience.

“Cloud Know How has smart people who make it their business to understand ‘the problem’ and who are then focused on delivering the right solution in a timely and cost-effective manner.

“The service was exemplary at all times – it’s refreshing to have a partner who operates and behaves as though they are a part of your organisation rather than just a supplier. It is this approach that has allowed us to recommend their services to others.”

Mark Wilson – Bridges Fund Management Ltd